Fortyz Apparel really didn’t start with a formal business plan; I had knowledge in business and marketing but rather than following the traditional model of starting a business plan, I just tried to apply plain common sense and research from the internet, you tube and any other possible way to figure things out as they came up. I’ve found that the best way of learning is by doing.

Fortyz all started with a simple idea I had many years ago in my college days; to create a clothing company based around the inspiration of staying young while still making grown up decisions as life furthers… … MADE FOR THE YOUTH IN US ALL.

Years passed with no movement until one day while working a shift online at Honda during the summer; I came up the idea for the 4F logo; it was clean cut and made sense. Fast forward two years when my ideas came to life at a local screen printing shop in Orillia; who printed our first 4 designs in batches of 12. After watching the screen printing process and researching over the internet; we decided to bite the $ bullet and purchase our very own screen printing equipment; the process is however; more difficult than expected but after months & months of trial and error; we have become confident in our craft and now produce all Fortyz Tees in-house; which keeps the overall street cost low for our local and online customers.

Over the last year, Fortyz has continued to build by working early mornings, late nights, and weekends; whether it’s been design ideas, screen set-ups, screen printing!, sales/promos, taking photos, screen printed size tags, stickers, freebies, facebook, contests, advertising and marketing ideas, editing photos, ordering supplies, picking tees and ink colours, setting up drop offs, drop offs, picking suppliers, expense tracking, feedback, brainstorming new ideas and now keeping up with our brand new online shop!

My idea of starting my own brand is no longer just an idea.

Made For The Youth In Us All.