Just thought I would write a little piece to why I decided to use the name Fortyz.
It all started way back in 2001 during grade 10 summer; yes 2001; when some friends of mine decided to rent room at a dive motel in our small home town to party in for the night. At this point in my life; I was just getting into partying; maybe a later start from others in high school but never the less its how the name surfaced. There were roughly about 20 kids all cramped into this small motel room. As the night went on, we continued to drink bottle after bottle of Colt 45’z and managed to pretty well Jamaican hot box the entire motel room. All in all; it was a solid night. These were and are the types of nights where the name Fortyz comes from. It’s the inspiration of staying young while still making grown up decisions as life furthers… MADE FOR THE YOUTH IN US ALL.

….and yes from time to time; you’ll still catch me rocking a bottle of OE.